My Second Website! (and other stuff)

I’ve just finished work on my second website. This is another wordpress website. Making this website revealed the problems with using the wordpress software to create a site. It’s very limited and trying to customize it is very difficult. I’m starting work on a 3rd website soon, and this one I want to make professionally.

WordPress enables you make a website very easily, but you pay the price with lack of control and inovation. You get a generic clone, copy-paste website used by thousands of people. If you want to make a real website you need to take it to the next level. Learn HTML, CSS, and ECMAscript.

The last two weeks I’ve been training myself. I’ve been studying Bash, ECMAscript, HTML, and I just started CSS yesterday. It’s really exciting. Two weeks ago when I thought about how to make a website I felt afraid. I was scared that I knew too little to be able to accomplish developing a good website. Now I feel confident I can make a decent product. I have a grasp of all web development concepts and I know how to build a website without using a handholder like wordpress. I’m going to make this 3rd website with passion. I finally feel the same spirit I felt while building DBZ HDTV. I know I’m going to be able to make this site really nice!

Soon; my first real website!