Google App Engine

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing a web app using Google App Engine. It’s going really great! When I first started this job my understanding of any kind of programming outside of Android apps was incredibly small. Microscopic. My boss told me during my second week that he wanted me to make a web app that can audit all of the companies’ emails and display the export status of the audits. I had no idea what he was talking about. He tried to explain it to me but my understanding didn’t increase very dramatically. After I finished doing some small wordpress stuff he told me to get started.
He knew that I was very green and he’s been programming for over 20 years; so he helped me get started with baby steps. First he told me to write some python scripts to parse strings into dictionaries and lists and such. A few weeks ago I thought those smalls scripts were actually important. I thought they were some kind of back bone to the giant magical project. It took me a 2 weeks to gain confidence in writing scripts. Once I had made a few of them I showed Kevin (my boss) a few short py scripts that parsed a few piped strings. Those scripts were so beautiful to me. It’s really interesting to me how only a few weeks ago I knew so very little.

Today I’m almost finished with a Google web app that talks to Google to gain data about our google app domain. I use that data to fill up some html tables and I store it. Making this web app has been such a learning experience! A few weeks ago I thought that parsing strings was going to be the core functionality of some mystical program. Today I know just a little bit more. It looks like I’m going to be looking back often and seeing my Wizard skills grow. I’ve finally created a real website, with a real function and purpose. I’ve made a web app that actually does something useful!

Making this web app has taught me more of the basic principles of programming. It has taught me how some more of the little things work, like types and method parameters. I still have so much more to learn. It feels like I’m worlds apart from the guy who wrote those 100 line py scripts; but I also realize that I’m still extremely amateur. I’m very far from satisfied with my ability and my code. I’m going to work harder and harder to become a good programmer! (Goku)

Sir Jony Ive

Sir Jony Ive redesigns TIME


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