DBZ HDTV v3.1.5

4/05/13 ~ (v3.1.5) Back to Original Stream. This app was meant to be used by a few dozen people, I didn’t expect thousands of people to download it everyday. Until I can stop using Flash Player on this app I won’t be working on it much. There are many bugs caused by Flash Player and Android clashing and I’m not good enough to fix them yet. Hopefully Justin.tv goes HTML5 soon and I can remake the app for Android and iOS.

3/25/13 ~ (v3.1) Backbutton now goes to and from the chatroom. Added Flurry Analytics!

3/23/13 ~ (v3.0) Updated to original DBZ Dub! +bug fixes

3/16/13 ~ (v2.3) Menus Updated + Preferences Added

2/26/13 ~ (v2.2) PayPal Bug squashed + 2 AdMod Banners

2/19/13 ~ (v2.1) Volume Bug + RAM Bug fixed. Other small bugs fixed.

2/12/13 ~ (v2.0) Full Screen Stream/Chat + SWIPE support. Multiple bug fix.

2/10/13 ~ A full screen Stream/Chat update will be release soon!!

2/09/13 ~ (v1.2) Fixed Orientation Bugs. Updated for 4.0+ (ICS)! PayPal support has been added! No more ugly title bar! If you like this app please email me the problems you are having so I can fix them. Thanks.


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