Learning Ruby

I may of been accepted to an internship with a really good mobile dev startup. They use Ruby on Rails so for the past few day I’ve been trying it out. It’s more different than Java than I imagined. It’s simple and nice, but I still don’t know any of the syntax. Today I got Ruby running on eclipse and I tried out this tutorial. It runs, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to do. I think I’m supposed to assign file with some value and I never did.

I understand the code for the most part. I can’t wait until I understand it as well as I understand Java and XML.



class Launcher

def initialize app_map
 @app_map = app_map

def run file_name
 application = select_app file_name
 system "#{application} #{file_name}"

def select_app file_name
 ftype = file_type file_name
 @app_map[ ftype ]

def file_type file_name
 File.extname( file_name ).gsub( /^\./,'').downcase

def help
 print "
 You must pass in the path fo the file to launch.
 Usage: #{__FILE__} target_file



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