My First Website!

My First Website!

I just made my first website using It was really fun! I really love how simple wordpress is and how it enables you to create a great looking site so easily. I can’t wait to learn how to apply some code to this. I’ve only had to use very basic html so far.


DBZ HDTV v3.1.5

4/05/13 ~ (v3.1.5) Back to Original Stream. This app was meant to be used by a few dozen people, I didn’t expect thousands of people to download it everyday. Until I can stop using Flash Player on this app I won’t be working on it much. There are many bugs caused by Flash Player and Android clashing and I’m not good enough to fix them yet. Hopefully goes HTML5 soon and I can remake the app for Android and iOS.

3/25/13 ~ (v3.1) Backbutton now goes to and from the chatroom. Added Flurry Analytics!

3/23/13 ~ (v3.0) Updated to original DBZ Dub! +bug fixes

3/16/13 ~ (v2.3) Menus Updated + Preferences Added

2/26/13 ~ (v2.2) PayPal Bug squashed + 2 AdMod Banners

2/19/13 ~ (v2.1) Volume Bug + RAM Bug fixed. Other small bugs fixed.

2/12/13 ~ (v2.0) Full Screen Stream/Chat + SWIPE support. Multiple bug fix.

2/10/13 ~ A full screen Stream/Chat update will be release soon!!

2/09/13 ~ (v1.2) Fixed Orientation Bugs. Updated for 4.0+ (ICS)! PayPal support has been added! No more ugly title bar! If you like this app please email me the problems you are having so I can fix them. Thanks.

My First Ruby Program

So I finally know enough Ruby to make some shitty code run. I like Ruby so far; I still have a mountain of code to learn.


class Dollar
 @@final_amount_per_day = 0
 @@final_amount_per_week = 0
 @@final_amount_per_two_weeks = 0
 @@final_amount_per_month = 0
 @@final_amount_per_year = 0
 @@final_amount = 0
 @@amount = 0
 def calculate()
 amount = 8.50 #Enter how much you get paid (per hour) here
 @@amount = amount

hours = 8.00 #Enter how many hours (per day) you work here
 per_day = amount * hours
 @@final_amount_per_day = per_day

days = 5.00 #Enter how many days (per week) you work here
 per_week = per_day * days
 @@final_amount_per_week = per_week

per_two_weeks = per_week * 2
 @@final_amount_per_two_weeks = per_two_weeks

weeks = 4.00 #Enter how many weeks (per month) you work here
 per_month = per_week * weeks
 @@final_amount_per_month = per_month

months = 12.00 #Enter how many months (per year) you work here
 per_year = per_month * months
 @@final_amount_per_year = per_year

annuity_per_year = 544.43 * 12
 all_income = per_year + annuity_per_year
 @@final_amount = all_income

puts "You get paid $#@@amount an Hour",
 "You make $#@@final_amount_per_day per Day",
 "You make $#@@final_amount_per_week per Week",
 "You make $#@@final_amount_per_two_weeks per two Weeks",
 "You make $#@@final_amount_per_month per Month",
 "You make $#@@final_amount_per_year per Year"

 link = ""
 system("start #{link}")

object =


The result is :

You get paid $8.5 an Hour
You make $68.0 per Day
You make $340.0 per Week
You make $680.0 per two Weeks
You make $1360.0 per Month
You make $16320.0 per Year

And my browser opens gmail for no reason.

Learning Ruby

I may of been accepted to an internship with a really good mobile dev startup. They use Ruby on Rails so for the past few day I’ve been trying it out. It’s more different than Java than I imagined. It’s simple and nice, but I still don’t know any of the┬ásyntax. Today I got Ruby running on eclipse and I tried out this tutorial. It runs, but I have no idea what it’s supposed to do. I think I’m supposed to assign file with some value and I never did.

I understand the code for the most part. I can’t wait until I understand it as well as I understand Java and XML.


class Launcher

def initialize app_map
 @app_map = app_map

def run file_name
 application = select_app file_name
 system "#{application} #{file_name}"

def select_app file_name
 ftype = file_type file_name
 @app_map[ ftype ]

def file_type file_name
 File.extname( file_name ).gsub( /^\./,'').downcase

def help
 print "
 You must pass in the path fo the file to launch.
 Usage: #{__FILE__} target_file