Thank you Clarence!

Yesterday I got my first real donation on DBZ HDTV from a guy named Clarence. I really wanted to email you or something to thank you but PayPal doesn’t give me your email. I hope you see this Clarence; thanks a lot! ♥


Simple Code


public void onBackPressed() {

if (chatChanged == "1") {
 chatChanged = "2";
 } else {
 if (flipView.getDisplayedChild() == 1) {

} else if (flipView.getDisplayedChild() == 0) {



I added this to both apps today. I came up with it last night when I was trying to fall asleep. It made me remember how just a few months ago something like this simple code was really difficult for me to use. I really like how much better I’m becoming, and it’s exciting that I have a shit load more to learn. Can’t wait to have that knowledge.

I also added analytics to both apps. It’s going to be very interesting to see how people use these HDTV apps.

Simon Berggren …

Simon Berggren on Mar 23, 2013 at 1:53 AM
Excellent The quality of the app, if you get it running, is astounding. However, due to the fact that you cannot swipe between the chat and the video seamlessly, the app only gets four stars.

One of the best reviews of my app. Made my day. I need to find out why the swipe isn’t working as well as it is for me for others.

Naruto HDTV Released!

My Naruto app is released! It was harder than I though it would be to make. I’ve put a lot of time and effort and energy into making this app as good as I could make it. I’m not going to be making JTV apps anymore. I hate programming around Flash Video Player. It really sucks that no matter how much work I put in this app most people can’t use it.

I’m going to update both of my HDTV apps with the chat overlay feature just for fun, but after that I’m not going to be working on these apps besides bug fixes. I can only wish that switches to HTML5 and releases an Android API sometime soon. So as soon as that happens I will make a free JTV app that lets you view any stream, and I will release it for iOS too.

Check it out! ♥

private void StartAni()
Animation anim = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this, R.anim.alpha);
 RelativeLayout l = (RelativeLayout) findViewById(;

 final ImageView i = (ImageView) findViewById(;

Animation animR = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this, R.anim.rotate);

Handler h = new Handler();
 h.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
 public void run() {

 }, 1000);




Naruto HDTV & DBZ HDTV v3.0

I’ve decided to release a Naruto version of my app hosting one of my other favorite streams. Naruto HDTV should be released soon! I’m also updating DBZ HDTV to 3.0 with a new transparent chat overlay feature. This should enable the users to chat and watch the stream more enjoyably. It’s tricky so far, but i’m confident I can figure out a sexy looking way to do this. That also should be released soon. 

Writing some really fun code for these releases; so stoked!

DBZ HD TV v2.3 Released

I updated the app yesterday. It took a little longer than I thought. I updated all the menus and removed the link because the Broadcaster didn’t want it in anymore. The hardest part of this update was the Preferences. It wasn’t that hard, but I was trying to make a list preference to select which view loads first when you start the app. I worked on that for hours and it wouldn’t work so I made it a checkbox instead. I really didn’t want to be defeated by that list preference but it was really draining me.

I also added an option for the viewers to load a banner to help me make a little money for this app. I hate ads on apps but I’m really broke right now and even a few cents would go a long way. I don’t like apps that are made just to spam ads to people. I think that giving people power over the ads they see is a much better way to advertise. Forcing people to view ads is annoying to the viewer and when I’m forced to view ads I go out of my way to not click on them. I hate the video ads on my app. The video ads really lower the quality of this app quite a bit. I wish I could remove them. I understand why plays ads. Maybe in the future websites will implement a less annoying way to make money for their services. To help people avoid clicking on them I’ve made the “Start with Chat View” option. I hope everyone enjoys this update!


private void setPrefView() {

prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getBaseContext());
 boolean introView = prefs.getBoolean("view_checkbox", false);
 if (introView == true) {