Volume Bug

I have a huge bug in my app. After I finish the app the volume is muted and it’s locked.

Even when I quit and restart the app the volume is still locked at mute. The only way to restore the volume is to restart the phone. 

The log says this every time I push the volume button:

02-18 12:48:09.429: W/KeyCharacterMap(16493): Error loading keycharmap file ‘/system/usr/keychars/m3_keypad.kcm.bin’. hw.keyboards.65538.devname=’m3_keypad’


Pretty frustrating. I’ve been working on it for a few days and nothing I try does anything. I think the youtube jtv ad is causing this but I don’t really know. People with ad block tell me they don’t get this bug; that is what leads me to suspect the ad. Squashing this bug is gonna be challenging. It’s definitely because I’m using Flash that i’m getting all these weird bugs. Flash is so difficult to use. Solve 1 bug and 3 more pop up. 


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