Dragon Ball Z HD TV v2.0 Released

I’ve just released v2.0 of DBZHD! I wasn’t planning on finishing it all in one day but I got stuck on one problem that sucked me in.

I was having a huge problem with Flash Player. The flash video play can’t be controlled by java and it’s a huge pain in the ass. I was trying to build a layout that can swipe between a full screen video webview and a full screen chat webview. The problem was that the flash video screen can’t be affected by java so once I focused on it, it wouldn’t leave the screen even if I switched children. I worked on it forever.  Then I finally figured out a way that works nicely with swipe. I can wrap the webview in a framelayout and remove the view from the framelayout whenever I swipe. It looks great!

I’ve fixed all the big bugs in this update. I’m very proud of it now. Can’t wait to release my next app!



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